The DM has adjusted the ‘general’ descriptors for the philosophies behind the alignment system. They follow as so:

Good is a philosophy of selfless commitment to the benefit of others. A Good person does their best to deny selfish desires and think only of the needs of others. Realistically, they understand that a certain degree of selfishness defines the individual, and that selfish self-gratification can help drive good acts, and that sometimes acting in self interest can also serve the benefit of others, or allow more Good to be done.

Evil individuals are dedicated to the satisfaction of selfish desire. They seek to please and better themselves as much as they can, even to the detriment of those around them. Of course, an Evil individual recognizes the utility of working with others with similar goals, and that acts which have no immediate value to themselves but do to others can in the long run play to their benefit.

Morally Neutral individuals have no strong philosophical leanings towards Good or Evil. They are primarily ordinary people who want to lead enjoyable, satisfying lives (selfish/Evil), but care about and wish to support their loved ones, friends and community members (selfless/Good).

Lawful Good individuals are Romanticists. That is, they believe that people are inherently inclined to Evil and can not be trusted to do the right thing, left to their own devices, and so morally Good behaviour must be enforced via external means, I.E., Law and government. They view Chaos as an unbound and dangerous state that permits Evil to fester and grow where no formal mechanisms have been created to root it out.

Chaotic Good people are Enlightenists. They think that people are inherently good and will do the right thing with the correct moral education behind them when they are left on their own. They see Law as an artificial obstruction to the ability to do Good, and as a mechanism that allows Evil to operate within Good societies without fear of persecution.

Neutral Good persons don’t care about whether people are inherently Good or inherently Evil. They only care that Good occurs, is strong, and triumphs over Evil, not the means by which this occurs. A neutral Good person is fine with Laws that uphold Good behaviour, but the moment Law obstructs righteousness, they will break it in order to defeat Evil and bring about Good.

Lawful Evil individual sees Law as a means to protect themselves and to enforce their will, and order in general as a useful tool in propagating their own power. Lawful Evil individuals may see themselves a principled, and often have well defined philosophies to justify their behaviour.

Neutral Evil people are wholly selfish and self absorbed. They do what they like with no consideration to others at all, and only obey the law up to the point where they believe they can get away with breaking it.

Chaotic Evil persons are insane. Psychopaths, sociopaths, the criminally deranged of every shade, they are devoid of empathy and compassion and give no consideration at all to the consequences of their actions. The average chaotic evil person doesn’t last long past childhood- most end up dead or serving life sentences in maximum security prisons. Demons and other supernatural beings only survive as long as they do due to their inherent and vast power, power mortals of the same alignment do not possess. Given this definition, PCs will not be permitted to take this alignment at start, and PCs who ‘drift’ into this alignment will be NPC’d by the DM.

Most ordinary, average people are True Neutral. They enjoy the protection that Law confers them, but like their liberties too, while maintaining a balance between self-satisfaction and their devotion to family and friends.

A goodly portion of Starari’s population is also Lawful Neutral. The philosophy of LN is one of order, civilization and (often technological/magical) progress, with order seen as the most sensible and efficient means organization and action, and the question of morality is seen as an independent and private issue. LN individuals are not (for the most part) blindly devoted to unchanging laws and tradition, nor are they inflexible. If a law could be improved or a system made more efficient, LN individuals will welcome change with open arms. Most LN persons are judges, law enforcement, politicians, military types and other professions which benefit from or are dependent upon the concept of law and an orderly society. However, many people (and business types especially) outside of these categories also adhere to the philosophy of Lawful Neutrality, simply because law is the means of creating the mostly stable, safe and prosperous societies that they enjoy.

Chaotic Neutral people can be described as being opposed to the concept of law and order on principle- that is, they are what we would consider anarchists. They believe that personal freedom trumps any social considerations and that orderly societies are corrupt, decadent and oppressive. Most Chaotic Neutral persons live in the wilderness, either leaving civilization by choice, or being thrown out, often for attempting to incite violence against the government establishments. This does not even include those incarcerated or executed for actual attempts at violent insurrection. Because of the inability of CN characters to function within metropolitan civilization (which forms a core component of the campaign), CN PCs will not be permitted at creation. PCs who ‘drift’ towards this alignment will have their players notified that continued progression towards the alignment will result in a choice; either the PC becomes an NPC, or they may be moved out into ‘the wilderness’ effectively removing them from campaign. In either case, like players who allow for drift towards CE, these Players will need to roll new characters.


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