Dream-State Psychedelic

A silver-white trumpet flower, Moon-Flowers only open at night under moonlight, during which time they glow brightly to attract the Dream Moths that pollinate them. Moon-Flowers and their pollinating Dream Moths are transplants from Tartarus, and found mostly on Pangai, usually in woodland and forest clearings. The flower retreats during day-light, and the plant they originate from is a broad-leafed low-lying herb. The plant is cultivated by Lunairian monastic communities and is typically prescribed to those suffering chronic sleep deprivation, as it grants such individuals restful, dreamless sleep. If taken by individuals with normal sleep patterns, the opposite occurs, and the imbiber experiences incredibly vivid, hyper-realistic lucid dreams. The primary issue with consuming Moon-Flower extract is that unless it has been carefully distilled and diluted, the drug has incredible addictive potential. This is not an issue for those who will have sleep problems their entire life, but it represents a serious social issue in terms of recreational use- In Longai the drug is banned except for religious use within Lunairian monasteries, and as proscribed by a doctor.

Colloidal Mithril

Magical Synesthesia

Mithril can be rendered down into a colloidal form and consumed to cause magical synesthesia- magical auras of objects and spells can be interpreted in the form of sights, sounds, scents, textures, and tastes. Also called ‘Star-Wine’, it is usually sold by the dose, which is sufficient to fill a wine goblet nearly to the rim. Bottles are made from glass-crystal, and are clear, in order to display Star-Wine’s characteristic sparkle. Connoisseurs can determine (by rule of thumb) how close the content of Mithril is to the ideal level by observing the amount of sparkle. Immediate side effects occur during the ‘come-down’, which is accompanied by a feeling of one’s nerves and mind ‘being on the fritz’ or otherwise highly sensitive. Many find it beneficial to immediately withdraw to a bath-house to enjoy a sauna, as steam is found to assuage some of the sensitivity, which generally lasts between 2-3 hours. The long term side-effects are a slowly developing silver-sheen to the skin. This starts as a subtle sparkle and can progress to mercurial, mirror-like skin. Accidently, or purposefully (either to ‘cut’ the content or to specifically achieve the look) added impurities can cause the underlying blood vessels to show through the colourless silver, tinting the patina of the skin blue, purple or red. It takes roughly 100 doses to achieve a fully mirrored look, which also affords the imbiber a degree of toughness to the skin (represented by a +1 to natural armor, which stacks with other forms of natural armor). A single dose from a reputable dealer costs 20 gold. The epidermal side effects are permanent unless removed by a ‘remove disease’ spell, which also removes the armor bonus, if present.


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