Deep Ones

Appearance: Deep Ones look like Aunaki, but with light grey skin and white hair and thinner, lither bodies. Their clothes tend to be markedly more conservative than their Aunaki brethren, being grey, white or black. Piercings are simple rings and bars of steel or silver, while tattoos are bold, black and geometric, resembling what we call tribal tatoos. While there is a sort of individuality to each Deep One, overall there is a great uniformity in style amongst them.

Society: Deep One society is markedly less individualistic than that of the Aunaki, and their loyalty is to their race as a whole rather than to individual family units. Deep Ones are private, subdued and polite to others, even their enemies, prefering to remain out of the spotlight so they might work and live in obscurity. They are brilliant if reserved scholars, and it is rare to hear of a Deep One without some grasp of the arcane.

Relations: They are on relatively friendly terms with the Aunaki, to whom they are kindred, but in regards to all other races they preffer to avoid contact when they can, which generates some mistrust, but considering their relatively recent re-establishment of communications with the rest of the world, it’s hardly a pervasive opinion. The only exception is orcs; this usualy quiet race hates the orcs openly and without reservation, awing even their Aunakian brethren.

Alignment and Religion: Deep Ones live in highly organised and orderly societies, although they have relatively few ranks and positions of power. They have an ambivilant stance towards morality in general, like their Aunakian relatives. As a result they tend to lean heavily towards lawful and nuetral. As to religion, most folks aren’t sure. So far as anyone knows they worship a mysterious entity they call ‘The Watcher’, who is confusingly both an indipendant entity and the collective concious of all Deep One ancestors.


Male Names:

Female Names:

Racial Traits:

  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, -2 Constitution *

Normal Speed: Base speed of 30 feet.

Dark Vision to 60 feet

Lords of Dream


Deep Ones

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