Death and the Dead

Under ordinary circumstances, when one dies they’d go to the Plane of the God of the Dead, who would then sort them based on religious affiliations and relative piety before shipping them off in batches to their justly earned reward. Unfortunately, the God of the Dead has been on an extended vacation from this multiverse for the past two millenium and there is a sign hanging on his realm’s gates that say:


Please reffer to prophecy for est. time of return.

(The validity of this statement is subject to interpretation.)

At any rate, unable to access the Death-God’s realm, the souls of the dead are instead shunted to the Fugue Plane, a grey and uninteresting realm that acts like the waiting room of the Death God’s realm. The dead wait here for their deities to send servitors to claim them and ascend with them to their appropriate divine realms. For athiests, agnostics and apostates, however, things are quite different. If a sufficient amount of time passes without a soul moving on to a new realm, the soul will simply reincarnate into a new body, with it’smemories from it’s previous life supressed but not erased. However, demons and devils hunt for such unprotected and unwanted souls, and if they find one of a nuetral or appropriate alignment, especially if it is evil (though not neccesarily), they will drag it down to the Hells or the Abyss, and transform it into a Dretch or Lemmure. All in all, it’s probably for the best, however, as the God of Death is presently a big fan of necromancy.

The exception is Aunaki ancestor worshipers, whose souls remain on the prime, either as incorporeal spirits functioning together in the manner of a deity, or else-wise becoming corporeal undead, a.k.a. Undying Ancestors.

Due to either an overwhelming fear of necromancy or veneration of the dead themselves, there are no graveyards in Starari. The dead are buried in private catacombs beneath family homes, or in vast public necropoli beneath the cities. These catacombs, ossuaries, crypts, mausoleums and necropoli are well cared for and VERY well guarded and warded against necromantic desecration, and are often full of mourners or worshipers or the pious asking for intercession from the sacred dead on their behalf.

Death and the Dead

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