Clans are a particular social construct of Aunakian society, however, given their pervasiveness and power members of any race will have some kind of dealings with them. A Clan is a large family with a history hundreds of years long and a strong cult dedicated to the worship of their collective ancestors and particularly illustrious individual ancestors. Clans tend to focus upon and dominate a particular sector of business, making them a combination of family business, craft guild, and ruthless, nepotic cartel. Aunakian players should note that while it is both quicker and easier to rise through the ranks in smaller Clans, the smaller the Clan the less power there is to wield as you climb. A number of Clans are:

Nolo’kai- The Clan of Bankers. A massive and powerful Clan who engage in investment, currency exchange, commercial banking, loans and mortgages, and anything to deal with finances and currency in general. The clan is highly Lawful, with a strong tendancy towards Evil.

Gen’kai- The Clan of Masons. Origionaly a small family of stone-cutters and sculptors, carefull investments, aquisitions and a strong business ethic turned them into a unstoppable building juggernaut that controls interests in quarrying, mining, metals, stone, gems, real-estate, rental properties, roads, bridges, tolls, contruction and statuary. They employ hundreds of architects and engineers, thousands of masons, jewel cutters and sculptors and countless common, unskilled laborers. Still, in terms of influence they are considered a middling-power clan. Heavily Lawful Nuetral, with some influences towards good, due to the high individual responsibility involved in dangerous projects like mining andGconstruction.

Ki’kai- Clan of Merchants. Built on a foundation of shipping and warehousing, they deal in tradegoods and resources, and the transportation, storaging and processing thereof. Massive and powerful, they are locked in a centuries-old rivalry with Clan Nolo’kai for financial supremacay. Strongly True-Nuetral, with slight leanings towards Law.

Mor’kai- Clan of Undertakers. No Clan is more respected than clan Mor’kai, nor is any other clan permitted the rights and privledges that Clan Mor’kai enjoys. The Mor’kai are responsible for preparing and preserving the bodies of Aunakian dead, and readying particularly illustrius deceased for ascension into one of the Undying. Because of their enormous and universal importance to Aunakian society, they remain scrupulously nuetral, and are immune to the politicing and plotting that the Clans regularly employ against each other. Strongly Lawful Nuetral.

Ni’kai- Clan of Entertainers. Clan Ni’Kai concerns itself with the pleasure of the masses, servicing society at every level and at every budget. Playhouses, concerts, opera, circuses, fairs and carnivals, any form of profitable entertainment venture is clan Ni’Kai’s domain. Of course, the biggest business in entertainment and pleasure is sex, gambling and drugs, and no-one does any of those better than the Clan of Pleasure. Ni’Kai gambling halls and brothels come in every flavor and budget, from smoke-clouded cock-fight dens to ritzy bordellos catering to the filthiest fetishes imaginable. Because of how close many of these activities skirt to the law, Ni’Kai regularly engages in a fair amount of organised crime, and the house tends to lean towards Neutral Evil.



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